The restaurant offers an á la Carte and lunch daily menu offering to opt from 3 ready-to-serve dishes. The gastronomy experience has regularly, a few times a year, been enriched by the seasonal menu, prepared in the form of gourmet packages of the genuine traditional Slovak cuisine. There is a strict selection of local suppliers, fresh ingredients with local herbs. Cooks prepare home-made variations of dishes and the chef mixes the weekly menu in a way that everyone finds what he wants, including vegetarians, vegans and people suffering from celiac disease.

People who travel, discover. Be the one that discovers the magic of Slovakia in the form of typical scents and tastes of this country. Touch the nature and taste our burdock and dandelion tea, bio dandelion coffee without caffeine, almond latte or fresh fruit lemonades. If you have decided to taste Slovakia off a plate, do not miss from our menu:

  • Home-made sheep-cheese dumplings with smoked cream/bacon/chives
  • “Halušky” – sheep-cheese noodles/beef cheek confit
  • “Džatky” – potato dumplings with baked flitch /sauerkraut
  • “Lokša” – home-made potato pancake /filled with duck meat/caramelized apples